• Parnassus Early Music Festival & Academy

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    1st Parnassus EMFA Warsaw 7-15 July 2018

    “In order to play well, one must speak well”. [G. Tartini]

    The key point of the Summer Academy 2018 is the idea of combining music with word and its subordination to the text. During the individual and group lessons we will be dealing with topics related to rhetoric in music.
    The main goal of the Academy 2018 is to teach students the efficient learning techniques and practising methods of the baroque music starting from score analysis and word application in order to differentiate between various musical phrases and thoughts. The next step will be the study of the theory of affects through the use of different musical articulations characteristic to the specific musical language and typical of the proper instrument.


    Our Masters:

    Joanna Klisowska – Singing classes
    Luigi Mangiocavallo – Baroque Violin and Viola, Orchestra
    Ewa Anna Augustynowicz – Baroque Violin, Chamber Music
    Donna Agrell – Baroque Basson
    Paolo Grazzi – Baroque Oboe
    Laura Pontecorvo – Flute Traversiere
    Franco Pavan – Theorb, Liute, Baroque Guitar
    Josue Melendez – Cornetto, Flauto Dolce, Diminuitions
    Marco Frezzato – Baroque Cello
    Lilianna Stawarz – Basso Continuo, Chamber Music
    Andrea de Carlo – Viola da Gamba, Seminar on Oratorio
    by A. Stradella
    Francesco Corti – Harpsichord
    Romana Agnel – Historical Dances
    13 July 2017 special master class: Amandine Beyer – Baroque Violin

    mail address: parnassus.emfa@gmail.com